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Operational Ruthlessness, the key to fast growth startups

Operational Ruthlessness, the key to fast growth startups

Since 2010, I’ve been religiously blogging about the ToutApp journey, but about 24 months ago I had to go on a blogging hiatus except for one small post about personal growth.

Over the past two years, ToutApp has grown from 7 people in size to 60+ people, delivered strong quarter over quarter growth, raised $3.3m and then $15m of venture capital from the best venture capital firm in the valley, and have built a crack team of badasses across our executive and management team.

One of the key things I had to focus through this period of stellar growth was my own ability to scale as a CEO ..

Grow or Die

Grow or Die

For nearly 8 years, I’ve been following Steve Pavlina, a self-development blogger. I originally came across his blog back in 2006 when he announced that he was independently making $40k+/month on AdWords due to the traffic on his blog. Being new to Silicon Valley, and with Internet Advertising starting to monetarily impact the masses online, his article went around and as I looked through his site, a lot of the things he blogged about in terms of personal growth really resonated with me. (more…)


We are moving to San Francisco

It started about two months ago. Mahrin and I sat down and reflected on our life and career goals. Then, I sat down and reflected on my goals for Tout. Finally, it ended in a simple Facebook update a few weeks ago, slowly letting our Friends and more importantly Family know: We are moving to San Francisco.

Now, this isn’t going to be one of those deeply reflective and analytical posts about how I came about this decision. There isn’t much more to it than “it just felt right.” It actually has very little to do with the ongoing Silicon Valley vs. New York debate (which I hate). In fact, I t..


Everything you can learn from Steve Jobs via Youtube

Steve Jobs’ death impacted me emotionally in a way that I didn’t expect at all. To cope, I’ve been watching a ton of his videos off of Youtube. Maybe its just to hear his voice, maybe its to extract all the “genius” I possibly can out of him while his energy is still strong in this world, or maybe because I need him now to build Tout (my startup) more than I ever have before.

Either way, these videos have been helpful for me and I thought I’d share them in one blog entry. Now that he has passed on, here is everything you can learn from Steve Jobs via the magic of Youtube.

Steve Jobs on B..











Steve Jobs died today.

I offer my most sincere condolences to his family, friends, and coworkers.

There are no words that I can say to even begin to express what I feel or how I felt toward Steve. He is a man that I have never met and yet he impacted both my physical world and my spiritual world in such a profound way.

In fact, the only thing I really can comment about is “Death.”Here’s a re-post of an entry I wrote when I first truly learned about what Death feels like — it was when my Grandfather died in 2003.

Steve Jobs
1955 – 2011..


My 2011 Content Strategy as an Entrepreneur and Startup Founder

2010 has been a great year for my blog. Not only did I meet a ton of great people by sharing my thoughts publicly, this blog has been the #1 traffic driver to my products this year.

For 2011, I want to take things to the next level.

It’s actually pretty complicated these days with Tumblr, Posterous, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other ways to publish content. There is no doubt in my mind that producing good content and publishing it on the web is not only excellent for clarifying my own thought processes, but is also great for relationships and revenues (two things I c..

What not to do in life

What not to do in life

These days, I come across a lot of advice on the web that I wish I had heard, or had the mental capacity to understand, when I was younger. Usually, when I come across articles such as ( by Derek Sivers, or ( by Paul Graham (both incredibly mind-bending articles in my opinion on how to think about life) I usually tweet it out, or re-blog it on Tumblr or share it on Facebook for my friends.

However, a few months ago, I received one such article of the same caliber, except it wasn’t published on the author’s blog, nor was it on some m..

How I made a Principled decision to quit my Six Figure job

How I made a Principled decision to quit my Six Figure job

It has been about a month or so since I quit my Hedge Fund job and jumped right into building consumer facing web-products on my own. Today, the decision to quit feels like a no-brainer. As a matter of fact, I can’t even imagine how I ever put up with a standard 9 to 5 in the first place.


Nevertheless, for the months leading up to me quitting, and for the time I actually made the decision to quit, absolutely nothing about it was easy. It was incredibly scary, it was hard, totally nerve wrecking. But through it all, I ma..


Keeping track of online group discussions

One of the toughest things with e-mail based group discussions is keeping up to date on how a conversation is progressing. As each e-mail comes through, you not only have to re-construct the context around the conversation, you need to sift through 5 other emails to figure out who is saying what in relation to who.

This is one of the problems that ( has been solving. First, it does so by centering the conversation onto one page. But that wasn’t enough, today we released a feature that also helps you keep track of what’s “new” instead of having to scroll through an en..


Most human conversation centers around GOOD or BAD

I once read that the majority of human conversation centers around “Good” or “Bad.” As in, most people in conversations are either saying something is GOOD, or are saying something is BAD. Examples of good are, “I like…” or “I think that is interesting..” or even “Thanks, thats very helpful.” Examples of bad are, “That doesn’t sound right…” or “I don’t think thats helpful” or even “That was mean.”

So, with that said, I was inspired to introduce a new feature in ( that I’m really excited about. It is called Braintrust Feedback. Now, the goal of (http://braintrusth..