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belief + optimism = unstoppable.
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About Me

I’m TK, I founded two companies (one bootstrapped and one venture backed) and sold both of them. Most recently, I was the Founder & CEO of ToutApp that sold to Marketo. I’ve worked at the largest hedge fund in the world, raised from one of the best venture firms in the world, and now get to work at a company owned by one of the best PE firms in the world.

Through my journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that you always face adversity when pursuing big things, but with belief in your mission and optimism that you’ll succeed, regardless of the obstacles, you can become unstoppable in achieving your goals.

In this blog, I share my journey (both the good and the bad) and the lessons I’ve learned from walking the path of a venture backed founder. I’ve also written about how to adopt a growth mindset, the importance of showing up, and being a contrarian. Be sure to also read: What Not to Do in Life.

The ToutApp Story

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    I quit my job. Shipped 2 products. Launched a Services business with clients. Now what!? Read more...

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    I talk through how I decided to focus on Tout as a real company, raise our first round and build a team. Read more...

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    This year was about figuring out our target market, rebuild our team, and continue to increase revenues. Read more...

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    In 2013, I talked about what happens to a SaaS business once you’ve managed to survive for 3 years and how a ton of things start to come together. Read more...

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    2014 & 2015

    Through 2014 and 2015, I switched to being a true CEO of a venture backed company as we raised our Series A and Series B. Here are my reflections from those two critical years and lessons learned. Read more...

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