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About Me

I’m TK, the Founder and CEO of ToutApp. In this blog, I write about my lessons learned in building a venture backed SaaS company, yearly reflections and core principles.

I believe in constantly growing. I’ve also written about how to adopt a growth mindset, the importance of showing up, and being a contrarian. Be sure to also read: What Not to Do in Life.

The ToutApp Story

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    I quit my job. Shipped 2 products. Launched a Services business with clients. Now what!? Read more...

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    I talk through how I decided to focus on Tout as a real company, raise our first round and build a team. Read more...

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    This year was about figuring out our target market, rebuild our team, and continue to increase revenues. Read more...

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    In 2013, I talked about what happens to a SaaS business once you’ve managed to survive for 3 years and how a ton of things start to come together. Read more...

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    2014 & 2015

    Through 2014 and 2015, I switched to being a true CEO of a venture backed company as we raised our Series A and Series B. Here are my reflections from those two critical years and lessons learned. Read more...

More Posts by Topic

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